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Year  2002, Elizabeth Wahyu was curious to learn about making beads jewelry, so she bought books and tools to learn the simplest form of earring.  Engrossed with her new findings, she decided to learn the advance techniques and it becomes her “ new hobby “. With no business intentions she displayed her new collection at her former craft school and they attracted women to purchase and make custom orders.
Since the orders were increased dramatically, Elizabeth started employing more people to help fulfilling  the requests. The opportunity stroke her entrepreneurial skills as well her artistic, so in 2003 she decided to open her own accessories boutique in Kemang area, Jakarta.
Growing not only in business, her techniques has also grown from beads making, wire techniques, adding polymer clay into the jewelry materials, into mixing different materials such as silver, gold plated and all the above to create her own approach to costume jewelry and accessories.
Elizabeth’s belief in designing accessories or jewelry is to enhance a women’s beauty, not to over come. It should represent the women’s characters and give magnificent feeling when women are wearing it. Elizabeth has no formal education in jewelry and accessories designs; however, her talent and intuition have led her to create unique pieces adored by modern women with different backgrounds and charaters.
From 2003 forward Elizabeth Wahyu becomes an accessories brand well accepted among fashion lovers, fashion designers and fashion media in Indonesia. In addition to that, the retail outlets grown from one boutiques to a few spread around Jakarta. Globalization inspired Elizabeth and her husband, Ricky Leon to improve the management, product quality and marketing to challenge themselves go one step further expanding the market internationally.
The first venture internationally in 2006 had brought Elizabeth’s products to Japan, USA and Europe. As much the company has grown, it is still learning and improving itselfto a higher strandart while embracing the original mission of Elizabeth’s design and passion : Enhancing Your Beauty.
Currenty, Elizabeth Wahyu Accessories have two flagship stores in Jakarta, one under her luxurious line, Elizabeth Wahyu Accessories ( Jl. Buana Karya no. 1A  Pondok Pinang - Kebayoran Lama 12310 – Jakarta Selatan )  and Darling Rock which cater the younger and more affordable market  ( AEON Mall BSD City Unit 1-10A )


JL.Buana Karya no 1A, Pondok Pinang , Jakarta Selatan Telp: +62-21-7660715

AEON Mall BSD City Unit 1-10A ( Darling Rock ) Telp: +62-21-22231393


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